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 hi i am considering ordering clenbuterol and i just had a few… - It's a beautiful world [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Sep. 5th, 2007|10:24 am]
It's a beautiful world


 hi i am considering ordering clenbuterol and i just had a few questions before i started taking it..i hope i don't offend anyone with my ignorance on this, but i just want to be really sure before i begin to order it. i'm sorry these questions might be a little dumb, but..

-first of all, has anyone heard of the site that i'm looking at ordering it? its called giogen..i want to make sure its a reliable source. 
-if not, where can i get it that is? i'm looking at around the 30 dollar price range..its 33 off of giogen by the way.
-how quick will i begin to lose weight? i really want to get skinny, and i heard clen was what nicole richie used..which would be wonderful for me. 
-does it have any crazy side effects? like i don't care about shakes and jitters and stuff like that, i just don't want to start having weirdo stuff like sprouting facial hair or anything like that. a friend of mine told me that "since its a steriod it can make me start having manly shit like mad amounts of hair"..so i definitely wanted to run that by some other people and make sure that wasn't the case. i am a female, by the way..
-so do females have different effects of the drug than males?
-and i think that's about it.

thanks so much!

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